Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Afternoon 4pm

I just spoke with Mom; she was understandbly tired, but sounded happily relieved. Unless something happens, the week of tests, questions, and appointments at Cincinnati Children's Hospital is over.

This morning's appointment with the pediatric gastroenterologist went well. Over all, the doctor was very pleased with the treatment Qavah is receiving from the GI doctor here in Roanoke. He was also surprised at how much the Ursodiol is helping Qavah digest her food. His main concern, though, was in regard to weight. Qavah's height is increasing at a good pace, but it's hard for her body to maintain the few pounds she does gain in between transfusions and infections. So, they discussed at-length several different methods of how to "put weight" on Qavah.

Mom and Dad have decided to spend Saturday night in Cincinnati, because of the snowstorm that is hitting Virginia and the surrounding States. Actually, when I called them, they were on their way to Kroger for groceries - such an ordinary trip for Qavah, but thankfully, one that doesn't require poking, prodding, or "sticks" (blood draws)! For Mom and Dad, staying another night means getting some extra rest before driving home.