Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Morning Update

I just got off the phone with Mom (Dawn), who was enjoying a leisure breakfast at a Cincinnati restaurant. Aimee and Maddie were dropped off at the airport earlier this morning. As of right now, Mom and Dad are planning to get home Saturday evening. Of course, that could change if Virginia gets the "big snow storm" that is predicted to begin late this afternoon.

Last night, my father rigged up a "tent" over Qavah's bed so that the humidifier they brought from home would be working right where Qavah was sleeping. Combined with the dose of Rocephin Qavah had yesterday afternoon, she is already feeling better. Amazingly, even when Qavah was so physically sick, she was still smiling and joyful. That is definitely the mercy and power of the Lord!

On the agenda for today is one final medical appointment. They will visit with the pediatric gastroenterologist at noon (12pm EST). Please pray specifically for this consultation as it is one of the most important appointments Qavah was scheduled to have this week. Mom said she'll try to call me this afternoon after the doctor visit. So once I speak with her, I'll try to update this blog right away.