Saturday, December 05, 2009


After a very difficult night of nausea, pain, and vomiting, Mom telephoned the hospital's GI doctor early this morning. He wanted to order specific tests to determine if her gallbladder was diseased. However, since it's the weekend, the only way the tests could be administered was through the emergency room. So our good friend Linda drove Mom to the hospital around 9:30am. Dad has some business-related deadlines, so he stayed home to work. I'm also here babysitting Qavah.

While no one likes to visit the hospital, we know the Lord is ordaining our lives within His perfect will. He is working out the details in a "wonderful" way. Yesterday, Mom and I spent the day shopping for next week's trip to Ohio. We also did our weekly grocery shopping. The G.I. doctor Mom spoke with this morning is the specialist I use and the same one she visited Thursday morning. So, he was already familiar with Mom's recent health issues. Linda's plans for today were canceled due to the light snow we had this morning. And amazingly, the emergency room was not crowded when Mom and Linda got there!

Currently, we are still unsure if Mom will stay at the hospital or if she'll have surgery. She just drank some dye for her ct scan, but it'll be an hour or more before the results are available. Linda is calling me with updates, so once I have some news, I'll post it. Thank you for your prayers. We can feel them. Our home is filled with peace and Mom is doing well, considering the circumstances.