Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Our appointments today centered around the Immunologist. There is no pediatric immunologist in Roanoke, but Qavah's symptoms suggest an autoimmune disease so this appointment was an important one. When we arrived the nurse took down the information we gave about Qavah, and our observations. All her vital signs were normal. We told her how we have seen Qavah become quite ill within hours. We have seen a sudden fever come upon her and wipe out her red cells, creating the need for a transfusion. When the nurse left, the residents came in to gather information. As they were firing out the questions, scrutinizing everything we said, I looked at Qavah and saw that she was not doing well. She slid toward me on the exam table and said, "Mommy, hold me." I took her in my arms and she was burning with fever! The very thing I had just described happened right there in front of the doctors. Several vials of blood were drawn immediately. They will run tests trying to determine what Qavah's immune system is doing to her body. Given the way in which this health issue today showed up, I am giving glory to God in advance for the things He will reveal.

Once word got around that Qavah was suddenly struck with a fever there was concern over whether her bone marrow aspiration can be done tomorrow. Marrow must be drawn in this hospital in order for research to happen here at Cincinnati Children's. They cannot send us home to have the marrow drawn and shipped here. So our prayer tonight is that God will bring swift healing to Qavah, and that this most important test will not be delayed a single moment. We are to be at the hospital at 6:45 tomorrow morning and it will be determined then whether we proceed. So our next challenge is right in front of us. Paul and I are about to pray and go to sleep.

We have had trouble with our internet connection at our hotel and we have not been able to get online to keep family and friends updated as we had hoped. But we do know that our children back home are praying and fasting. We received greeting cards from Kathryn with a note of encouragement that meant so much. Qavah even had a note to open from her big sister. It is encouraging for us to know that while we feel far from home, your thoughts and prayers are with us.

We were able to get Maddie to her appointments today. We pushed Aimee in a wheel chair and Maddie rode on her lap. Aimee is now struggling with the nausea that comes from taking pain medication, so she is in need of our prayers. She has to be very careful with her back. Paul and I are working together trying to help Aimee as much as we can, and we are glad for her sake that she is not here alone.

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are excited about turning our attention toward such a lovely holiday and leaving all of this medical stuff behind for awhile.