Thursday, December 03, 2009


I had more testing and another appointment this morning. Tomorrow I will sit down with another doctor to go over the results of yesterday's testing. My best friend said, "You've been to the doctor more in three weeks than in all the years I've known you." She's right. It has been so long since I have been to the doctor that I did not know those flimsy little backless gowns have been replaced by something even more degrading. The nurse said, "put this on and the doctor will be right in." I picked up the little packet and found what looked like a large paper towel.

I sat there wrapped in paper feeling pretty uncomfortable; like sitting in a wet bathing suit on a chilly day. I started to laugh and talk to the Great Physician. I mentioned that He obviously thought I could use a little humbling. So I'm sitting here tonight with about half of all my labs and tests complete and feeling truly humbled. Thank you for praying for our whole family. I believe great things are going to come out of all this.

I have been making a packing list for Cincinnati and spending time with Qavah on the computer. I am teaching her how to play simple computer games that will help her with her letters, numbers, and puzzles. I was in the kitchen cleaning while she was pretending. She was in the middle of introducing herself to her invisible friend and said, "My name is Qavah, that's spelled!"