Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The sun is just rising over Cincinnati and our routine is about to begin. Paul and I have been praying for supernatural strength to meet the challenges of our days. Aimee has had severe back pain since arriving here and has needed a wheel chair as well as assistance getting in and out of the car. Maddie has "taken" to us in a big way and we are thankful for that. With Aimee in pain, we immediately knew we would have to see Maddie through this week. It is merciful that God has put a love in her heart for us and she readily follows our instruction. She is also very joyful so she and Qavah have made fast friends. Each day this week we have had appointments at the hospital and we are able to attend Maddie's appointments as well. We are all praying that the diagnostic tests will begin to paint a clear picture of what is happening in the bodies of our children.

As we have been moving through this week it feels like we are wearing waders and that we are slogging through muck. While it is mentally and physically exhausting, we have our dreams beyond this to keep us moving. We can picture Qavah taking music lessons and enjoying her talents. We visualize the days beyond this illness when she can run and not be weary. We imagine praying her through the teen years when she will wonder where in the world she "fits", and patiently teaching her that she will never "fit" in this world because she is made for heaven. Our time here in Cincinnati is hard because we are working against the enemy. But our dreams for Qavah and Maddie are great, and a great motivator to keep slogging. And in doing so we hope above all that our efforts are pleasing to the Lord.

What is the chief end of man? To glorify God and enjoy Him for ever.
*The first question of the Heidelburg Catechism