Saturday, December 19, 2009

Surprises in Virginia

While Mom, Dad, and Qavah are probably sound asleep in Ohio, Paul Burton and I are enjoying the biggest snowstorm to hit Roanoke, Virginia in more than a decade. Who cares that it's three o'clock on Saturday morning? Yes, we really do have 10 inches of snow on the ground, and it's still falling from the sky. The wind has also picked up, so the snow is drifting and blowing at times.

Earlier tonight after dinner, I used the computer camera and Skype to talk with Colin and his family. I actually saw Annelise, Nehemiah, and Eva sitting on their parents' laps in their own home office! While I was "visiting," Mom called on the telephone. So, I put her on the speaker phone and held it close to the computer camera. She was able to hear Colin, Jennifer, and the children talk. Even Qavah and Annelise said "hello" to each other.

Just about the time we were ending our conversation, Colin suggested that we play a game over the internet once the children were put to bed. By this time, Paul Burton had also entered the library where I was with my computer. He had his laptop with him, so he too joined us in playing Settlers of Catan. After playing two virtual games, Colin and Jennifer said it was time for bed. That is when Paul Burton and I decided to venture outside for some more fun.

After a long week, the Lord knew my soul needed the good surprises I experienced this evening. I'm now praying that Mom, Dad, and Qavah will have "showers of blessings" of their own before returning to Virginia on Sunday. Until then, I must get some sleep so my body stays healthy and happy for their home-coming. There is a book on our library shelf titled, The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday. Well, I don't want my next blog post title to say, "Kathryn and Too Much Weekend Fun," so I better head to bed right now.

The expression "Winter Wonderland" has never been more real to me then it is tonight: