Friday, December 25, 2009

The Thistle's Story

The Thistle's Story by Dawn Campbell
Growing along the wind blown path,
A thistle danced in the sun.
Little thistle, all of creation speaks of its Maker,
What story have you to tell?

"My downy bloom of purple hue
speaks of royalty so true.
For it was the King of Creation
born one quiet night in Bethlehem.

My green leaves and stem draw life from Him
There is no life cut off by sin.
It is His life that flows through me,
Weathering storms so valiantly.

My fierce stinging thorns speak of a crown
Worn at Calvary.
When a sacrifice was made for man
By the Lord of Eternity."

Little thistle, how beautifully you portray your Creator
With royal purple, green and thorn.
My heart will ponder all these things
Come this Christmas morn.
Merry Christmas to all the readers of The Campbell Family Journal. We pray for our blog readers regularly, sincerely hoping that you will find in these writings that Jesus is our Immanuel; God with us.