Friday, January 01, 2010


I was talking with a friend last week about the dreams we have when we are children. It is amazing to me how many women recall dreaming about adopting a child even if they had biological children. It is quite frequently something women mention if we talk about what we hoped our family would look like when it was "complete." I was in the grocery store last week and a clerk asked me about Qavah and whether we had adopted her. When I told her we had, she said, "I have a sister who wants to adopt but can't afford it." I used the back of my sales receipt to list the website for U.S. adoptions and told her that money should not be the deciding factor.

When a dream is placed in our hearts by God, then not having the finances should not deter anyone. He is able to provide from His vast riches, but it is often the obstacle most potential adoptive parents face. If you have ever dreamed of adopting, this could be the year. I asked my friend to consider Who placed that desire in her heart, and to trust Him to provide.

There are now over 120,000 children in the United States free for adoption and they are waiting for a family. In some cases whole sibling groups are praying for a family to open their home to all of them so that they can stay together. Adopting through the United States Foster Care system is very simple. It costs absolutely nothing. In most cases if parental rights have been terminated, the children are free for adoption immediately. The number of children I quoted earlier represents children free for adoption. However there are more than 500,000 children in foster care and many of them need to be in a home that is stable and strong.

I don't consider myself a spokesman for adoption. But I do consider myself a child of God. And He has asked those who follow Him to care for widows and orphans. Just in case this message has somehow rekindled a dream of yours, please visit And may this be a year of dreams-come-true for many of the children in our country who are waiting with hope and patience. Through adoption we see more clearly the grace of God in taking us in, loving us, and making something wonderful for His glory.