Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grandma's Off Her Rocker

This was one of those days that will make me smile when I review it as I crawl into bed tonight. I took care of Annelise, Nehemiah, and Eva while Jennifer had a rare day out with a friend. She deserved it, for sure. After dropping Kathryn off at work this morning I met up with Jennifer, put the children in my van along with Qavah, and came home for fun and adventure.

It was too cold for outdoor fun, but the kids wanted me to sing silly songs which always sends the two older girls into fits of laughter. Later the three older children sat at the piano playing random keys and asked me to sing another silly song. I searched the furthest corner of my mind and found a song I learned in grade school about a crooked man who walked a crooked mile.

At lunch I strapped Eva onto my body with the baby backpack and proceeded to get the three other children fed. Opting for better health these days, I don't keep cookies in the house. When Annelise asked for dessert I found a soft chocolate chip cookie that the local bank handed out to me last Friday; customer appreciation day. I split it three ways and the children seemed pleased with their portion.

I felt like I had won a marathon by the time I got them all into bed for their afternoon naps. I was still standing after taking a few trips up and down the stairs with Eva strapped on board. The children all slept this afternoon giving me time to get dinner underway.

In the quiet, as I washed dishes, I recalled afternoons with my grandmother. She was quiet. I loved her aprons. There was always something interesting in those big pockets. She always had cookies. I remember her sitting a lot. My grandchildren will remember me differently, I'm sure. I hope they remember me running around the front yard pushing them in a wheel barrow and playing with them on the swings. While I love and appreciate the memories I have of my grandmother, I think it may be more fun to be off my rocker.

Grandma's Off Her Rocker

In the dim and distant past,
When life's tempo wasn't fast,
Grandma used to rock and knit,
Crochet, tat and baby sit.

When we were in a jam,
We could always count on gram.
In the age of gracious living,
Grandma's life was one of giving.


Now grandma's at the gym,
Exercising to keep slim,
She's off touring with the bunch,
Or taking all her friends to lunch.

Driving north to fish or hike,
Taking time to ride her bike.
Nothing seems to block or stop her,
Now that grandma's off her rocker.

Author Unknown