Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gummie Bears?

Once I arrived at the hospital yesterday, I was asked on three separate occasions for a list of my "daily medications." I explained that I didn't take any daily medications, and each time a look of surprise met my gaze. I assumed by the look of surprise that a lot of "seasoned citizens" are on daily meds. I finally told someone that taking Gummie Bear Vitamins was my only daily health routine. So after surgery, which went very well, the discharge nurse read off all the instructions to Paul. She talked about limiting my activity and then laughed. "It says here that your wife can resume taking her daily Gummie Bears!" So I am home, feeling very well, and just enjoyed my two Gummie Bear Vitamins.

I have been so busy with life that I haven't thought that much about aging. But in fact, some of what I am facing this year is part of a natural aging process. While I have wisps of gray hair now, I don't think I have to graduate to adult vitamins that are big, dry, and get stuck in my throat. Because we have little Qavah, we have become familiar with the latest and greatest products for children. I've decided that Dora bubble gum toothpaste and Gummie Bear Vitamins are just right for me at any age. And they seem to be doing me some good!