Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Health Updates

Qavah and I went to the hospital this morning for her transfusion. We were there until the early afternoon. From there I picked Kathryn up from work and drove her to an appointment with her doctor. She has been having trouble with her skin and some places on her left leg where she had some internal bleeding over Christmas. It has caused her a good deal of pain. Her doctor thought that all things considered, Kathryn is in a much better place than the last time she was there with the "mushy" places in her skull. We talked briefly about the strange medical events that seem to appear out of nowhere. I can see how proud her physician is of Kathryn. He is very encouraged by her spirit and willingness to keep going. It has taken three years and a lot of juggling medication doses, but it is so sweet to have this time of reprieve.

We are waiting to hear from Cincinnati about the results of all the testing there on Qavah. We will have a telephone conference call with the physicians there once all the tests are read and interpreted. That should be sometime in the next week or two. We also know that Johns Hopkins may be getting ready to bring us there for a visit. I had a phone call from them yesterday and I think there are things going on behind the scenes there. Whatever happens, I know God is in it all.

I have goals for this year that will take some faith to achieve. I hope to do some more writing. And I plan to invest more time in the things that really matter most. I don't remember being this content to be in my home in my early years of mothering. We were on the run a lot with home school outings and obligations. But there is a sweetness to just being at home with Qavah during the day and being at peace.