Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Findings

Yesterday I received a call from Cincinnati Children's Hospital and until the doctors are finished dictating their notes, we will be waiting for our telephone conference. However, yesterday we did get some interesting news that may help us treat Qavah's physical ailments. According to a test that they are able to run at that particular hospital, Qavah has no ability to fight normal bacteria on her skin and lungs. That would explain why we are treating her for skin and lung infections so often. I believe from the conversation we had yesterday that there is a plan being discussed to put Qavah on a low dose antibiotic that she would take every day to help fight infection. Also we are going to take her for a vaccine to help her fight pneumonia in the event that she should come in contact with that virus. This is a mystery, and they have asked us to come back to Cincinnati to run these tests again. We will be doing that in June.

The conversation yesterday led me to believe that these doctors are looking very carefully at the possibility that Qavah's blood problems may also be related to a problem with her immune system which could be treated with an immunosuppressant. We pray every day for a miracle break through and have the faith that God can do anything.

I will take Qavah for her transfusion tomorrow and from there we will get her vaccine. Since our spring schedule will include a trip to the National Institutes of Health and Johns Hopkins for a biopsy, we are going to take a break in the days ahead. We are leaving all of this medical stuff behind, and Lord willing, Qavah and I will head for the beach in Florida. It is something Qavah has wanted to do since we got home from our trip to St. Petersburg last year. I want so much to give her the gift of happy memories; memories that will heighten her awareness of God's goodness and power.

God called the dry ground "land" and the gathered waters He called "seas." And God saw that it was good. Genesis 1:10 The ocean is good and He has given it to us to enjoy. Running through waves in the sunshine sounds like a good treatment plan for now.