Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sabbath Snow

We had a beautiful snowstorm this weekend. The large flakes fell until everything was covered in ten inches of fluffy snow. The landscape changed from the drab colors of winter to a dazzling white. Churches were closed today. Colin, Jennifer, and the children joined us in a short devotion and song time around our computers. We Skyped for our stay-at-home worship service. Colin and Jennifer had a wiggle congregation on their end to tend to to, but it was a fun way to worship as a family.

After lunch Paul went to the barn to wax the bottom of the toboggan. Qavah, dressed in her snowsuit, waited for a signal from the barn that Daddy was ready to take the toboggan downhill. I watched from the window as Qavah squealed her way downhill. Her arms waved wildly and snow went flying. I had to laugh as I watched. After a couple of runs, she was ready to come inside. It took longer to get her dressed for the weather than it did to go sledding with her Daddy. Although I attempted to dress her airtight, she still had snow down her boots and up her sleeves.

I am very grateful for these times of refreshing. We cherish these good days. Kathryn is doing so well right now that I am able to go to Florida with the confidence that she is going to be just fine. I have prayed that she will also feel refreshed during this time that I am away. She is planning some special times with friends and even talked about hosting a tea. I am in awe of how far she has come since the early days of her diagnosis. We are living the days we prayed for. We thank God for that.

Lord willing, I will write again from Florida.