Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Grace

Today was the last visit to the hospital with Kathryn for her Rocephin treatments. The sores in her mouth and on her skin are healing. Rather than seeing the hematologist every six months, Kathryn will be having labs drawn every three months to monitor her blood cell activity. Then she will see the doctor if the results show anything out of the ordinary.

Kathryn quit her job last week after visiting a home of an elderly man. She was to take pictures of the home for the purpose of making it handicap accessible. While taking pictures of the tub area for handicap rails, a male nurse met her in the bathroom and started flirting with Kathryn. He hoped she would return his interest. She fled the house and by God's grace Julie was waiting for her out in the driveway that day so that they could go out to lunch. Normally Kathryn took a bus to those appointments because she can not drive. Had she taken a bus, she would have had no way of escape.

We pray for the protection of our kids everyday. And it so happened that God poured out His mercy for Kathryn that day. Once Kathryn reported the incident to us, we talked about the risks and decided that Kathryn would be safer in a job where she could stay inside the building. Because Kathryn quit her job last week, she didn't need permission from her boss to go to the hospital every day for her treatments. It was actually liberating to have that freedom. I'm sure Kathryn dreams about having a life of her own with an apartment or home to decorate as she likes. But God has her under the umbrella of protection of our home. And while I'm sure that has its frustrations for a young woman, Paul and I are so thankful that we can provide for her. We are praying for another job that will utilize Kathryn's skills.

In a special report on Haiti we heard in Florida, the missionary said, "This has never been a safe world for children." She used the example of baby boys being killed in the days of Moses and Jesus. The dangers are many, and many are the prayers Paul and I lift up to God for the sake of our children and grandchildren. We can protect them to a point but rely heavily on God's grace and mercy.