Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Packing Up

Paul arrived on Saturday evening and when he got off the plane I thought he looked very tired. He has spent the last three months trying to close his office and shop in Vinton. He went to work during the day, came home for dinner, and went to work in Vinton until bedtime. After all that he came to Florida to sleep. He has been going to bed early and after a morning of sightseeing in St. Petersburg he has spent the afternoons sleeping. This is a well earned vacation for him.

Meanwhile at home, Kathryn had some challenges of her own and handled them very well. She has developed a mouth ulcer that has caused her a great deal of pain. She made arrangements to see a dentist. After getting a special mouthwash and some antibiotics, she is hoping to have some relief. Paul Burton drove her to the store for baby food since that will be easier on her mouth, and Jennifer drove her to her appointment. Paul and I were here in Florida wondering who would be available to take Kathryn where she needed to be and prayed that the Lord would make a way. He heard our prayer and we were able to be relieved of that anxiety. We are both very grateful when our grown children care for each other.

We are getting ourselves organized today and plan to leave this area in the morning. After a couple of days in St. Augustine we will be heading home. I looked at the ten day forecast for Roanoke and saw that winter has my hometown in its grip. But we'll have our memories of warmer weather and sunshine to bring back with us. Our skin has taken on a healthier glow and we have a bag of Florida fruit to bring home. We are very grateful to Uncle Tony and Aunt Lil for this vacation. I know our blog readers have been checking for updates, so I hope you have found this encouraging. I haven't had much success getting wireless connections, but this morning I have a strong signal. God Bless you all wherever you are today.