Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Sweater Day

We had to break out our sweaters today, but Qavah insisted on wearing her little flip flops on her feet. I took her for a long walk in the neighborhood and while she was watching the Woodstorks swimming on the nearby lake she said, "I just want Daddy and Kathryn to live here with us." I guess that means she may be dreaming of warmer winters like our friends in Virgina. They are getting more snow and ice tonight.

Qavah has been complaining about being tired and slept thirteen hours yesterday. I'm not sure that she is going to make it back to Virginia for her next transfusion. So I drove her to All Childrens Hospital in St. Petersburg today just to see where it was and how to get a visit with a Hematologist. It is a new hospital that just opened last month. Qavah saw that the dining room had hot pizza slices for sale and told me that if she had a transfusion she would like some pizza to go with it. She told me that it would make her very happy. My girl is a dreamer and can imagine finding the "good" in the hard things. I want to be like that when I grow up.