Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everything is Good

The past few days have been a blur of doctor appointments. The girls are doing well, although we never have been able to help Kathryn with her mystery rash. It is annoying for her, but she didn't test positive for a bacterial infection, so we are hopeful that this will go away over time. The rash is mainly on her face and wrists.

Qavah told me yesterday morning that she was tired and needed blood. So I took her a week early for her CBC check and she was right. We spent the afternoon at the hospital for her transfusion. During that time we had a lovely visit from Sophie, a standard poodle with a quiet disposition. She surprised Qavah by lifting her paw at the end of the visit to say goodbye. Her owner instructed Sophie to give Qavah a "high five" and she did. That sent Qavah into a fit of giggles. Everyday has something special in it. Qavah would say that Sophie was today's "special" blessing. But the sweet blessing for me was seeing the bag from the Red Cross hanging over Qavah's bed, giving her the gift of life.