Friday, March 05, 2010

Fasting and Prayer

We spent the better part of today fasting and praying. Kathryn decided that she wanted to join me and we read many encouraging passages from scripture together. We did that while resting in our guest room, where the sun was shining into the room with a special brilliance today. It was encouraging to read about our forefathers in the faith and how the Lord blessed their obedience. We especially liked the battle scenes where the Lord fought for His people in miraculous ways. The battles we face as a family can only be won by the Lord.

Kathryn got the news this morning that her liver is toxic and it is probably due to the Methotrexate. That is the medication used to keep her immune system under control. I was advised to hold off the weekly Methotrexate dose in the hopes that her liver will go through a cleansing process. There is not much else to do but wait this out. When I resume giving her the weekly dose, I am supposed to cut the dose by twenty percent. She was actually relieved to know that her blood tests really did determine the problem.

I want to thank you for the many encouraging emails to Kathryn and for the comments and victorious prayer on the blog. Kathryn feels so loved by all of you and I am very grateful for that. Love heals. It is amazing how much she perked up when I told her that there was a new comment for her on the blog. It really is so important to receive those words of encouragement. Although Kathryn has what she called "wobbly knees" we took the wheelchair to "Stuff-Mart" this evening and she bought herself some new lipstick. That's a good sign.