Saturday, March 27, 2010


The brisket is purchased, all the vegetables to be roasted are lining the counter tops, and the Seder plate is being polished. It is that time of year to celebrate the first Passover, and to see in the fulfillment of prophecy that a new and better way to peace with God has come in the person of Jesus Christ. As our friends and family begin to make their way here on Monday night to celebrate, I will be making the familiar dishes for the once-a-year celebration. Years ago I thought that part of our home school experience should include the celebration of Passover so that our children would understand the significance of the plan of redemption for God's people.

Once we started celebrating Passover I began to see how the symbolism of the Passover meal fit with the teachings of Christ during His final earthly Passover with His disciples. He did not take the final cup of wine at His last Passover celebration; the cup of praise. I've been thinking about His comment to the disciples. He said that He would drink that cup of praise with all of us at the banquet being prepared for the day when all will be accomplished. There will be a day when all the saints will gather for the Feast of all Feasts.

I thought about how good it will be to eat the feast with heavenly food and wine. We will have no allergic reactions, or any blood sugar problems from the grapes. We will be able to fully enjoy watching our children eat, even the children who have not tasted food because of a life-long dependence on a feeding tube. Why do I love my faith so much? For one thing, I love that all people are invited to partake of the riches God has for us. There is nothing we must "do" to inherit eternal life, we simply have to believe that Jesus is God's son and that His sacrifice on the cross was the atonement for sin that we desperately needed to be reconciled to God. Just a simple faith is all that is required. And with it comes the invitation to the Feast where we will all raise our glasses and drink the cup of praise together. We will be reunited with children, parents, grandparents, and spouses who have gone on before us and in the midst of us will be the One Who made it all possible. I'm looking forward to seeing the joy on His face. His life makes our eternal life possible. That is reason for praise.

This day shall be to you one of remembrance: you shall celebrate it as a festival to the Lord throughout the ages; you shall celebrate it as an institution for all time. Exodus 12:14