Monday, March 15, 2010


Paul has been working full time during the day and building his drill business in the evenings. Orders are coming in at a faster rate and he is in his busiest season. The drills he designed himself are for rock drilling and have an appeal for the construction, mining, and quarrying industries. Our weekdays are very busy and I mainly take care of the needs of the girls and run our home. So when the weekend comes Paul and I are ready to take a break to do something together.

This past weekend I went to Toys R Us and bought another swing for the swing set while Paul went to work on adding another baby swing to our number. Little Eva is ready to join the others on a swing of her own. It was precious to see her take her first swing. Like her siblings before her, she lit up in a big grin when Paul gave her swing a little push. That was so much fun for us to be able to stand back and listen to the children squeal. It was a small labor of love that brought great rewards.

We've added another swing and we will be making further modifications soon. Colin and Jennifer announced recently that they will have another little one in their family this coming September. While friends have joked with them about having 4 children in 4 years, we can hardly believe how blessed we are to be given the gift of another child to love. It has always been Paul's dream to have little grandchildren running around our yard with lots of interesting things to do. It is something he remembered fondly from his own childhood. I love to stand back with the camera and capture those moments that I know are his dream-come-true. Children are a gift from the Lord. How He must love to watch us enjoying them!