Sunday, April 04, 2010

Faith Clothing

Three years ago Paul and I had the special call on our lives to adopt again. We didn't have much to go on but we knew that Qavah would be between the ages of three and six years old. The very next day I went out to the store and bought a little frilly dress in a size that I thought would be appropriate. Qavah wore it for the first time today. To our surprise Qavah was a tiny girl but at last is wearing a size six and has been looking forward to wearing the dress.

There is something about the typical adoption process that makes it a very unique experience. All the while the adoption is in process, only the Lord knows who in the world that new family member is. It is truly a thrill when that child finally has a face, a name, and a clothing size. So if you are waiting for an adoptive child, don't be afraid to feed those dreams with a few clothes in the closet for their arrival. It may take a couple of years before they fit, but seeing those little clothes in the closet is a reminder that you have taken a step of faith.

Dressed for Easter Sunday: Paul Burton, Kathryn, and Qavah

Qavah wearing her dream dress. She asked to leave it on all day; a real Princess.

Today we are rejoicing that death has been swallowed up in life, and we have the promise that we have been forgiven and set free. Jesus paid our debt in full. We are also rejoicing as a family that everyone was well enough to go to church. It has been a wonderful day.