Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Filling Out Forms

I sat in the doctor's office today and started filling out a form that was supposed to give him a good idea of why I was there. In the past two months I have been filling out forms for the research study that Qavah will be entering this month at NIH. So as I sat there thinking about myself and the nausea that I have had since November, I decided to have some fun. Where the intake form said "Work" I filled in "Housework." Where the form asked "Position" I filled in "Queen Bee." No one even asked me about it, however I did enjoy filling out the blanks with less seriousness.

On the drive home I called Kathryn to talk about dinner and we planned a summer chicken salad on spinach leaves. I asked Kathryn to peel two carrots in preparation for dinner and smiled to myself as I thought about the "Queen Bee" on her way home to get dinner ready for her family.