Monday, April 19, 2010

First Day

We have finished the first day of data collection here at the NIH. Qavah's appointments included a full body exam and physical, a visit with the eye institute, and the ear, nose, and throat clinic. She had her first Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy. That big word means she had a small hose inserted all the way up her nose until it curved back down into her throat. When the camera reached her throat she sputtered and gagged while pictures were being taken inside the passages. That was done without sedation. It was quite remarkable to watch it on the monitor. After the procedure Qavah got stickers and cheers from everyone. As we were walking out of that department she looked up at me and said, "I like it here Mama." By the time she received eye drops to dilate her pupils she had been given rewards of candy, toys, a balloon, and little cans of apple juice. There are so many rewards for cooperation here in the children's research center that she is positively going to have to give some of these things away.

We have had a lovely day together. God has given us the strength to meet the demanding schedule. We took our time walking back to the Children's Inn and our spirits were as bright as the spring sunshine. I keep thinking about this week as more than research. It is a hopeful journey we have begun and every one here is dedicated to the same goal; to be able to offer healing solutions to those who struggle with their health. Qavah seems undaunted by what has been required of her and that is such a gift.

We are going to watch a DVD and get to bed early tonight. Tomorrow begins the next phase of research which includes blood work , dental exam, hearing exam, and an ultra sound. The house rules at the Inn include absolute quiet after 9 PM. It is only 8 PM and everyone must be as exhausted as we are because I haven't heard a sound in the hallways all evening. I have so many more things I would like to write about, including our wonderful trip to Bethesda, but I will save that for another day.

God has blessed our day and has surrounded us with many loving and cheerful people. We are in good hands. Thank you for your prayers.