Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strength Beyond My Own

Our trip to NIH begins this Sunday. I opened the packet of information from the NIH this morning and saw that Qavah's week is simply packed with appointments each day. Before my surgery I prayed and asked God to show me explicitly that I could handle the task ahead by giving me supernatural strength after the surgery. When I asked the nurse if I could start walking the halls four hours after the operation she looked astonished. As we were walking she told me that she had never had a patient get up and start moving in such a short time. As we talked I recognized that the strength I had been given was not my own. That strength has continued and is confirmation to me that the plan for Qavah next week has been established in the Heavens.

The sweetest part about taking this time out for my own health has been the time I have had with God. He has quieted my heart and drawn near to me to heal me in a supernatural way. The quietness of our home, and the friends who have come to keep things going have been of His plan. When I think of how He has arranged all of my days and sees to every detail, I can only praise Him for the way He has taught me to trust Him. This quiet time with Him has shown me that I do not have to expend the energy to see to every detail of my life. He is doing perfectly fine without my interference.

"What a relief to know that we can rely on you, O Lord. It causes us to breathe more deeply, sleep more soundly, choose more selectively, love more unselfishly, and live more sanely. " ~Patsy Clairmont