Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Good Day

The preparations have all been made and we are leaving in the morning for Bethesda. Paul is finishing up some outside chores as the evening shadows are beginning to fall. This has been quite a week. I have seen and tasted that the Lord is good.

We will be staying at the Children's Inn for the week. I have prayed that we will be a blessing to the other families we meet there. I am sure they will bless us. I have also prayed that Qavah will have some good experiences to remember long after we are home. I have some little gifts prepared for her to unwrap at the end of each day. In my conversation with God about Qavah this morning I said, "I just want her to embrace her life with all of the hardships and to know without a doubt that she is loved." It wasn't in audible words but I heard a still small answer. "I want the same for all my children."

Lord, on this Sabbath Day, we rest in the knowledge that you loved us so much you sent your Son to redeem us. Because of your great power we will be given the grace to face all hardships and be at peace in your loving Presence. Amen

Visit the Children's Inn