Sunday, May 16, 2010

Family Fun

Paul and I have been smiling for several days. We had a secret. Each time the girls began to shed some tears over memories of Ellie we knew that there was a surprise awaiting them. We made arrangements to pick up a new little member of our family today. His name is Gideon. Like the Biblical Gideon, he is small and mighty; able to soothe our heartache.

After researching a good breed for people prone to allergies, we settled on a Chonzer. I spoke with the local breeder about thirty minutes and finally asked her name. A lot of laughter followed because we know each other well. She, being a home school mother of 12 children, has conversed with me in the past about children but not about puppies!

Paul Burton drove the girls home from church while Paul and I went to the pet store for a few supplies and then to pick up Gideon. The girls fell in love with him at first sight. Here are some pictures. If you are interested in having one of Martha's puppies, she still has 3 beige females and one black male. They can be found on the Roanoke Times website under "pets" and are six weeks old today.