Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Night

Paul took Qavah out for some fun tonight. He promised her that they would have a shopping night together to buy me a Mother's Day gift. I heard her tell Paul that I needed a crown to wear in the house since I am the queen! We'll see what they come up with; I'll let you know. He has been so busy that we postponed Mother's Day until this weekend. We plan to drive up to Fishersville to celebrate tomorrow. Our extended family will be there and we will be having lunch together. The girls are both doing well and looking forward to playing with cousins tomorrow.

I was able to visit a private Christian school in Roanoke this week and talk to the seventh grade class about the work of the crisis pregnancy center here in our city. Before Kathryn's illness I was able to be more involved in community ministries. I was able to connect with old friends again, and take the afternoon to do something that I felt was very important. I have a saying in my bedroom to remind me every morning where my priorities lie. It states, "Your greatest ministry is in your own home and to your own family." While I agree with that statement and live that out, it was nice to get out into the world and do something for someone else.

I hope to post pictures of our weekend after we get home Saturday night. I'm feeling very grateful tonight for the good health the girls have enjoyed this week.