Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Hard Decisions

We said good-bye to our dog Ellie today. I took her for a last romp around the yard and took her to the vet where Paul met me. It was comforting to know that our vet supported our decision and said it was the kindest thing. Ellie was nearly sixteen years old and still had the heart of a puppy but her body was worn out and she wasn't able to tolerate her aches and pains.

We have had so many good times with our family dog that it is already hard to look out across the yard and not see her playing there. We were fortunate to have had such a smart and loving dog. Qavah has had times of tears today; so have we all. It was a pleasure to have one of God's creatures offer us her friendship and companionship for all these years and she will be missed.

Thank you God, for the memories of the special animals you have given us to love. They have made our lives richer and even their memory brings a smile to our hearts long after they are gone. Amen