Friday, May 28, 2010

Holiday Weekend

We've been needing a long weekend to catch up on yard work but my heart would like to take a holiday instead. The girls are feeling well enough for an outing, so we may just do a little something. There are special places right around here that make for a lovely get-a-way. We have always liked visiting the little town of Buchanan about twenty minutes from here. There is a swinging foot bridge that crosses the James River, a couple of antique stores, and a little old-timey soda fountain. The homes along Main Street have all the southern charm one sees in magazines and it is all so close to home.

We visited the little Buchanan Theater several years ago while it was being renovated and noticed that there were two entrances. The second entrance was for Blacks; people of color. It wasn't that long ago when "coloreds" were ushered up to the balcony where they were "allowed" to sit away from the rest of the movie goers. There was a separate drinking fountain for them up there as well. It was an interesting bit of history and I thought at the time that I'm glad that is no longer a policy in this land.

The celebration of Memorial Day is a reminder that there were men and women who laid down their lives for freedom right here on our soil as well as abroad. Because of their sacrifice, we can walk down the street with our family in peace and freedom. Our family can worship in the same pew together and celebrate the fact that we are all God's children. We're grateful for the men and women who continue the fight for our freedom. God Bless them and God Bless America.