Monday, May 17, 2010

Requesting Prayer

There is a little girl in Haiti that needs to get to America immediately. St. Judes has agreed to treat the cancer that has already claimed one of her eyes; she has retinoblastoma. The doctors, flight, and all expenses will be covered by St. Jude's but the Haitian government has slowed all paperwork and passports because of the recent earthquake. Members of a Christian organization are asking for prayer for the little girl's paperwork to be processed quickly. The folks at St. Jude think they can save her other eye with aggressive therapy but it has to be done now. The little girl's name is Rosenayke.

This morning Qavah woke up crying and out of sorts, which is very unusual. She complained of pain and has another cough. I took her to the lab and discovered that her CBC was very low and she will be transfused tomorrow afternoon. Comparing the swift help that Qavah will be getting tomorrow makes my heart ache for children like Rosenayke, who have to wait and suffer. If we can pray for this situation and join our hearts together for this little girl, I will keep you informed as to her progress.

My friend Helen asked me today about the Mother's Day gift that Paul and Qavah found for me. The story is quite touching. Paul made a valiant effort to make it a fun shopping evening but Qavah had to make a trip to the bathroom upon entering the store. Then she was thirsty. He grabbed a bottle of jewelry cleaner and purchased it quickly because my rings needed a good cleaning. And that's all he had time to do. Now I have the cleaner for the crown Qavah intends to buy for me someday.