Monday, May 24, 2010

Tea Party

Our busy week ended last Friday with a tea party. The girls and I woke up and got dressed in our dresses and put on pearls. We went to the home of a new friend, at her invitation, and we spent a delightful morning talking together in the woodsy retreat she calls "home". Our friend Nancy has a house in the woods and there was something very special about sitting outside on a pretty spring morning sipping our teas under the canopy of oak trees. The yard was lovely and already blooming with Summer flowers. In that comfortable setting we enjoyed sharing a common bond in Christ.

We talked about books we've read, thoughts we've had about God and His ways, and people who have had an impact on our lives. It was rich. As Kathryn said on the drive home, "Isn't it nice to really communicate with someone about deep things and let go of all the chit chat?" I know chit chat drains Kathryn. When discussing the lives of others such a Joni Erickson Tada, there are rich and eternal treasures to take to heart. And that is what we did. Our family has met so many interesting people we would otherwise not have met had it not been for Kathryn's diagnosis. It has given Kathryn a chance to better understand those who suffer as well as share with others the power of God to sustain a body and soul in times of great pain.

We'd like to start our own tea party movement. But Kathryn and I would like to have the kind of tea party movement that takes people back to a gentler time when people sat out on their porches in the evening instead of watching TV. A tea party where best manners dictated the conversations and where thoughts turned toward songs, hymns, and spiritual songs. Our Friday tea party set the tone of our weekend. We enjoyed our new puppy, ice cream sundaes on Saturday night with the whole family, and worship on Sunday morning. Bliss!