Thursday, May 20, 2010

You Never Know

We have a barn stocked with this and that.  An old sink or two, scrap wood, various wheels, etc.  We find these things on curbs sometimes, or we save things we think might be useful.  A few years ago I was leaving the Blue Ridge Women's Center and found several crib parts to be put into the trash.  Cribs that are not up to code, or have been recalled for safety reasons, do not make it into the supply room for women in need.  The safety of the baby is always considered when a used crib has been donated.  But I saw those crib parts and asked if I could throw them into my trunk.  They have been in the barn because you just never know when you are going to need things like that.

I took a few pictures tonight of some of the uses of an old crib.  As Paul was making a corral for Gideon tonight out of the last of one of the cribs, Kathryn said, "Isn't Daddy great?"  He knows how to use power tools.  He knows how to be creative.  And he knows how to bless our family with his creations.  Yeah Paul!

Below are some uses for crib parts:

The creative genius and Gideon