Saturday, June 05, 2010

Back to NIH

I have been preparing for our trip tomorrow morning trying to cover all my bases. I am leaving meals and snacks behind for Kathryn and Paul, and have most everything ready to go. I have my entrance badges and appointment schedule in my binder marked NIH. However, I always have a nagging feeling that I am forgetting something just before I leave the house. The last time I went to NIH it was right after I had surgery and I hadn't put all of my jewelry back on. During surgery I wasn't allowed to wear a wedding ring. I was nearly to NIH and thought, "I can't live apart from Paul all week and have no wedding ring!" I told Paul that it was really very important to me to have a ring. He was driving at the time and made a quick decision to drop into a Walmart and found a ring for four dollars. It lasted to the end of the week and cracked in half when I tried to open a bottle of apple juice. Paul arrived to pick me up bringing my real wedding ring with him.

If I have forgotten anything, I can always shop for it. There is a shopping center on nearly every corner. What I am remembering to take with me is a very special little girl and hope in my heart for a treatment plan.