Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Better Day

Qavah is doing much better. She stayed in bed all morning and her fever stayed at 102 until her bath. I soaked her and gave her Tylenol and suddenly she seemed to start coming back to life. By this afternoon she was up and playing with a normal temperature. When I took her back to her appointment this afternoon, the doctor seemed very pleased with the way the Rocephin is working, but gave Qavah another prescription for an oral antibiotic that we should continue to use until we get to Cincinnati. She still has a cough but her lungs are clear. The change is so amazing that I have to thank God for her doctor, the antibiotics, and the "still small voice" that nagged me until I made the appointment yesterday. I know without a doubt that prayer changed things. Thank you for praying for Qavah. It's very pleasing to see the sparkle back in her eyes.