Thursday, June 24, 2010


I am happy to report that our trip to Cincinnati was fruitful. The doctor there is supposed to be calling the pediatrician in Roanoke to direct Qavah's care. I will have to learn to give Qavah injections three times a week to increase her production of white cells. That should start helping her body to fight infection. We have now officially changed Qavah's daily care over to the doctors in Cincinnati who will direct her care at home.

Today is the first of three family reunions where Qavah will be introduced to much of our extended family. We are here in Frankenmuth Michigan enjoying the beauty of this German settlement. We are taking a lot of pictures because the flowers are breathtaking. There are many reasons why I am thankful today. Due to a slight problem with our original hotel room, we were given two rooms with a connecting door which gives us the use of two bathrooms. We also have a view of the river. The long green lawn ends at the riverfront where a riverboat travels by about six times a day.

The girls are feeling very well, and Paul Burton's flight got into Detroit yesterday so he is here with us as well. We are all getting the rest we need. The Bavarian Inn Lodge is an amazing place with several pools and an indoor Putt-Putt golf course. Qavah has been having a wonderful time and it makes us all smile to see her enjoying herself.

Thank you so much for your comments lately, dear friends. You have made my journey through this life so sweet. Sara, we were just girls when we met, and I find after all these years our friendship is still as sweet as ever. We're still just young girls at heart, trying to live in such a way that we bring glory to Our Father. We look forward to spending this day with family, but friends become our family over the years and in that sense, I wish you could all be here with us today!