Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Home Today

Qavah and I drove in late this afternoon and I am actually too tired to say much at this time. However, Qavah was brave this week and prayers were answered. We will know a lot more in a few weeks when all of her tests return and a report is sent to us. Our final meeting with the geneticist this morning was very valuable and I'll want to share more about that as well when I get some rest.

I met some precious women on this trip. Women who have been given a very difficult task, and I was humbled as I watched them care for their children. We found each other by God's grace and prayed together last night at the Inn. We were gathered around a table from different states, cultures, and ethnic groups but we had one thing in common. We were all trusting God for a miracle so we bowed our heads and prayed together. There is something very holy about the cry of a mother's heart. We wept for joy when we were finished and said good night.