Tuesday, June 15, 2010


After I am away for a few days or more, I find that it takes another few days to catch up once I am home. The unpacking and laundry is finished but just about the time I thought I was on track to meet some deadlines Qavah started looking sick. She has a high fever and I took her to the doctor this afternoon. She has some congestion in her bronchial tubes but her lungs are clear. The biggest problem is her white cell count. It is very low (1.3) so the pediatrician decided to treat her with a round of Rocephin this afternoon and asked me to bring Qavah back tomorrow. She has no strength this evening and wants nothing to eat. I prayed with a friend this evening over the phone and feel settled in my heart that this is just another speed bump for Qavah. We are scheduled to take her back to Cincinnati next week to the Bone Marrow Failure Clinic.

We are thrilled with Qavah's progress on other levels. She signed her name by herself this week and earned herself a DVD that she has been wanting for a year and a half. Paul told her, "When you write your name all by yourself, you can have The Little Mermaid." She earned it fair and square. She also took communion in church for the first time this past Sunday. I looked at her kneeling down beside me at the altar patiently holding out her hands for the bread. It was a precious sight. She took it very seriously, and completely understands why we celebrate communion. I took a heart-snapshot of the scene.

The day we were to leave the Children's Inn I sat down to talk to one of the parents I had met. We met as a result of our little daughters. The girls met each other once and each time they saw each other after that they held each other and laughed. The little girl is dying of a rare disease and nothing the researchers at NIH have tried is helping her thus far. She is a beautiful little girl. I talked to her mommy about the unusual joy I saw in her daughter and she thanked me for noticing. Then she said, "My family is so distraught over this situation that they don't come around because they can not bear the sorrow of it." She continued, "My family asked me how I can endure this and I told them that I celebrate each new day we have." "But what if you don't have tomorrow?" someone asked. "Then I will celebrate that I had yesterday," she replied. That's what taking heart-snapshots is all about. It's a way of celebrating the moments we have been given.