Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Update

Kathryn remains on a higher dose of Hydrocortisone and it seems to be helping the inflammation around her spine. Although she still has some intense tingling in her feet. While the hospital visit straightened around some things, she still feels that there is an explanation for her pain that hasn't been found. I studied some things on the internet about autoimmune diseases that attack nerve endings in certain parts of the body. I plan to do more research tomorrow.

Colin and Jennifer brought their three children here for the weekend to help with Kathryn and Qavah. They stayed the night and went home today. They gave Paul and I the wonderful gift of some time away together. We left Saturday and drove to Lexington for an overnight stay. We shopped in antique stores, went out for dinner, read together, and prayed together. The time away gave us a chance to enjoy each other and laugh about things. We find when we go to an antique store these days we browse the merchandise pointing to various things saying, "I remember that from high school!" How can it be that polyester from the 1970's looks just like it did in the seventies?

When we arrived home today, we were rested. It was the power surge we needed to start off the week with follow up visits to Kathryn's doctors. Paul and I studied scripture together this morning and had some insights that helped us focus on the plan God has for our lives. We are so grateful for the way all of our grown children pulled together this weekend to help each other. They all gave of themselves this weekend and I hope they feel God's pleasure as they start out a new week.