Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Day

Qavah told the nurse at the clinic today that it was a "happy day." Then she explained, "It is happy because my Daddy comes home from work today and then he will be home for two days!" Yes, the weekend is here. Paul took a long lunch break in order to fix the motor on my washing machine so I could get the laundry done before the weekend. While he was home, we planned some fun things for this weekend. We have a lot of little things around the house in need of repair but we also have little Qavah. She would rather we drop everything to play.

Kathryn continues to improve. Her appointments next week may result in some more medication changes, but for now she is starting to have feeling back in her feet. Her big toe is still numb, but other than that she has been on her feet and working around the house again. I called the National Institutes of Health today to see if there is any way that Kathryn could be seen by the Immunology department. I had a good conversation with one of the nurses there about the problems Kathryn had last week and she is checking to see if there is a doctor there willing to take on this baffling problem. I should hear something from them next week.

In between the medical problems with the girls we are trying to make the most of their good days. Paul and I have enjoyed watching Qavah splash in the small pool we have for her. We enjoy watching Kathryn surf the internet for bargains and then enjoy her excitement when a package arrives for her. We've been sitting together in the evening watching a movie made on the life of John Adams and discussing the events in history. These activities may not sound that exciting to other people, but this is our life and we are so happy. We're about to pop some popcorn and watch part two of our movie. God bless your weekend with His presence and His peace.