Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kathryn's Medical update

Kathryn has been admitted to the hospital. We won't be sure of the diagnosis until the x-rays and neurologist figure it out. Last night Kathryn had an excruciating headache. She felt sure she was having some internal bleeding so I gave her a dose of Stimate. She had a fitful sleep; unable to rest her head on the pillow. She developed the mushy skin around her skull problem again and has a pocket of fluid at the base of her skull. Her spine is under pressure and she has no feeling in her feet. She is able to carry on a conversation but has been confused about the day and time today. All of the members of her medical team have been contacted. Her adrenal system is under stress and that could account for her fuzzy thinking.

The last time Kathryn's skin around her skull became mushy she had a sinus infection and for several days had heavy bleeding from her nose. This time is different. It feels to her like her spine is somehow involved. She has settled into her room and the labs were drawn a few minutes ago for bacteria cultures and other diagnostic testing. Although this is all new territory for her she is calm and pain medication is helping with her headache.

We've planned a prayer time for later tonight and have many requests from family and friends to take to the throne of God. Over the past couple of weeks it seems many people we know have been thrust into some difficult situations. They are barely holding on in the midst of their trials. We are in a place of privilege when we can bring those requests before God and plead for His mercy and grace on their behalf. Kathryn has enjoyed many months of hospital free living, and tonight we will be praising God for all the good times we have had. This situation can not steal the joy we have had this past month seeing so many of our family members and friends.