Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living Well

We have had a very busy week. It has been a while since my last post and I am determined to slow down to write. My last guests were still here when another friend called to tell me she would be in Roanoke this weekend. Kathryn and I had a day in between to wash bedding, clean, and prepare for the next guest. While preparing the guest room, I asked Kathryn what the Lord was showing us by filling our guest room every night. She asked, "Mom, remember in the hospital when we felt so alone and missed everyone?" I did remember that. Then she stated, "The Lord is redeeming all of those lonely days; He is redeeming everything." I might have missed it had Kathryn not thought about it. It is true. Kathryn has enjoyed our vacation, and now three weeks of visitors. God has been gracious to us.

This week I learned how to give Qavah her Neupogen injections. I was concerned that she would not receive that well since I often play the role of comforter and nurturer while someone else is sticking her. But she was so interested in the process that she actually worked with me and we were a team as we prepared her skin, the needle, and the Curious George band aid. She pointed to the place on her leg where she wanted the injection and it was over very quickly. I'll be taking her to the hospital Monday morning for a white cell count to see if the shots brought her counts up.

We are preparing for a special event this weekend. Tomorrow we celebrate Qavah's seventh birthday. We can't believe our little girl is growing up so fast. Her legs are growing longer and at times when she is running she reminds me of a little colt. We are working on building her a computer for her very own. This fall she will begin to use it in her homeschooling. However, she asked for princess dress-up clothes for her birthday. While she is growing up quickly she still has the heart of a child who would rather play and pretend than work on her lessons. We're so thankful for her life. We know we spoil her but can't seem to help it. So the computer is not finished in time for her birthday but the princess dress is wrapped and ready.