Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making Progress

The MRI Kathryn had last night showed no evidence of bleeding in her brain.  That was a great relief.  The Endocrinologist talked to her about switching over from prednisone to cortisone to help her body fight this new problem.   Her adrenal system was not able to keep up with the demands of her current illness.  That opened up a great conversation about the possibility of coming off steroids altogether in the future.  It will be hard given the length of time Kathryn has been taking steroids, however her GI doctor recommended the same thing.

Tonight Kathryn had an MRI of her spine.  The neurologist ordered it and he is looking for a reason why she has a loss of feeling in her feet.  She was encouraged by the way all of her doctors began tackling this problem beginning early this morning.   The GI doctor will be putting her to sleep tomorrow morning to take a look at her esophagus and stomach looking for the source of bleeding in her GI tract.  Kathryn is submitting to all the testing in the hopes that there will soon be an answer to the pain she is experiencing from her head to her toes. 

While Kathryn and I stayed at the hospital today, Grammy Helen decided to change her vacation plans in order to stay with Qavah and Gideon.  She has been enjoying her time here in Virginia and I see God's hand in the fact that she was in our home and able to stay on to help us.  We appreciate that so much although she has said it has been wonderful for her as well. Qavah needs a transfusion tomorrow so Paul and Grammy Helen will be at Qavah's hospital taking care of that. 

When Paul brought Qavah to the hospital tonight to visit us, she was wearing a pink summer outfit and her winter boots.  I couldn't help mentioning it because with 90 degree weather it seemed so crazy.  Qavah said, "Mama these aren't my winter boots! I am a pirate today and these are my pirate boots."  I looked across the room to Paul and he just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, "Hey I don't mess with a pirate!" 

Paul and I didn't start out married life with the dream of spreading ourselves so thin.  However we've been called to live a life that is very exciting, and taxing.  There is no one in this world I would rather live this dream with than Paul.  We are a team.  We're looking forward to having this week behind us and settling into our porch swings at sunset with a fresh cup of coffee.