Thursday, July 22, 2010

Medical Updates on the Girls

I want to thank everyone for praying for Kathryn over the last few days. Just before she was wheeled into the endoscopy room I asked her to be prepared for the findings, which are usually normal. We both prepared ourselves for that because it can be very disappointing to feel so sick and not have the diagnostic tests prove anything. However the last procedure of the day today revealed a place in Kathryn's stomach that the doctor thinks was the source of her bleeding last week. With medication and another diagnostic test for ulcer causing bacteria, we should see more of a picture of what is going on by tomorrow.

After three days of testing the findings were neuropathy, abnormal thyroid function, anemia, gastritis, and hiatal hernia. The spinal tests are not back yet. Since all of these things play a part in draining Kathryn's adrenal system, she is on a higher dose of hydrocortisone. I brought her home tonight with a new medication and a list of all her appointments next week with the doctors who had seen her in the hospital.

Qavah's labs results this week were interesting. The Neupogen worked beautifully. Her white cell count came up into the normal range for the first time ever and her activity level came up with it. The doctor commented that she had never seen Qavah so animated. While we were in the pediatrician's office marveling about the white cell count, the nurse came in with the red cell count. It had dramatically dropped. It is a great mystery but Qavah's complete blood count came back 6.7 and a transfusion had to be ordered just 17 days after her last one. Paul told me that Qavah was not quite so brave this morning as her arm was prepared for her IV.

Although it has been a long time since Kathryn was hospitalized, we repeated our routine as soon as she was admitted to the hospital. We called our room "the classroom" and looked at it as an opportunity to be taught more about God's mercy. This hospital stay we had a very long list of people to pray over. We also started a study of Revelation together. Our time was rich and rewarding spiritually and was very much like a retreat. I love those times with Kathryn. Although there were so many things to overcome physically, including lack of sleep, we are stronger spiritually and look forward to seeing answers to our prayers.