Friday, July 09, 2010

A Weekend at Last

The girls' health remains stable. They have both had a good week. I have almost forgotten what a normal life is like. This week has flown by while I have caught up with laundry and other household duties. It feels so good to check things off the list. The puppy had his training lesson for the week and I am about to welcome my friend Sara here for the weekend.

Paul and I went out on a date this week. He called from work and asked me to join him for a business dinner. He chose a downtown restaurant called Blue 5. The live music was performed by some local jazz musicians and they were very good. We had a lovely meal, lively conversation, and coffee with dessert while the jazz musicians played until eleven o'clock. The men we were entertaining were from Sweden and Paul had invited some other men from work and their wives. We were a party of ten and as we talked around the table it struck me several times that I was out doing something again with just my husband and no medical issues waiting for us at home. We enjoyed every minute of our time together.

I discovered during the conversation that marriage is not the norm in Sweden. There are very few advantages to being married in Sweden including economic hardship because of taxation, or so I was told. I responded with the statement, "Well, I love being married." Then I was asked, "What do you like about it?" That is hard to say in just one or two sentences but I said, "I love that we made a commitment to each other and I love to match and fold Paul's socks." That met with a burst of laughter and we got off on the subject of laundry.

However, I wasn't finished thinking about why I love being married. Today when I was folding laundry and washing our bedding I thought about it some more. When I fold Paul's socks I think about the miles he walks during his work week and how he has had to soak his feet at times after working hard. He does it for our family. He does it for me. It's humbling to think about, really. I also have to admit there is also a certain thrill when I get to the bottom of the clean laundry and find that every sock had a mate.

My mate is about to drive into the driveway and it is Friday night. Another good reason to be married is being able to spend the weekend with each other. We have a lot of work to do but there will be time for popcorn and movie.

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. Proverbs 31:10