Saturday, August 21, 2010


Maybe you've been to a merchandise outlet and found that there were items in the clearance area stamped "Irregular."  In that case you would expect a flaw somewhere on the product.  You might even purchase it knowing it is somehow defective, but the defect would be of no consequence.   After a church service one Sunday, a kindly looking lady approached me and asked, "Did you know Kathryn was defective when you adopted her?" She was referring to her visual impairment at the time.  I almost laughed out loud.  I managed to keep my composure as I replied, "Aren't we all "defective" in some way?"  

Because of our sin nature, we are all "Irregular," yet we have a calling to love our  "Irregular" neighbor as we love ourselves.  As we gather together this week as God's children to celebrate the Sabbath, there is one thing that should set us apart; overlooking the "Irregular" to find the good in others.  Because the Christian, no matter how quirky, wears a stamp of approval.  If the world were able to see a stamp on our foreheads it would read, "Forgiven, and set free."  Praise Him for His grace to all of us "Irregulars."  Enjoy your Sabbath rest.