Tuesday, August 03, 2010

More Information

Kathryn's two appointments today gave her a better picture of what is going on in her body. First, her endocrinologist will be keeping a closer check on her thyroid function, which may have been a factor in her latest GI tract problems. The lab results showed no ulcer-causing bacteria, but after studying the results, her GI doctor asked her to cut milk and dairy products completely out of her diet to help prevent bacteria overgrowth. Her hematologist has scheduled an infusion of a bone saving drug to address her severe osteoporosis. He thinks she will respond better to this drug than to the Boniva which caused an electrolyte imbalance last year. That will happen next Monday. Kathryn continues to bless and amaze me by the matter-of-fact way she accepts what is happening to her body. We are thankful for her doctors who have obviously been studying her labs and applying their knowledge to give Kathryn a better quality of life.

Last night, I was asked to speak to all the different Bible school classes at a church in Roanoke. I was asked to bring the message that life is precious and that babies are a gift from God. The children sat quietly while I talked about the fact that every baby born is a gift to someone. The Blue Ridge Women's Center gave me brochures to hand out and I took a baby doll with me to use as a visual aid to discuss how babies need a lot of things and sometimes parents need extra help in order to take care of them. The Blue Ridge Women's Center does a wonderful job in offering women help and hope during and after their pregnancies, thanks to the donations of others. I was glad to represent them last night.

The highlight of my evening was talking to the youth group. They are usually hard to reach, and I am never sure how they are going to react to a message that can sound more like a lecture. After speaking to them about choosing life, and what that means, I told them about Kathryn and Qavah. I was astonished by the silence in the room as I spoke. After the talk, the youth pastor asked one of the girls to pray for Kathryn and Qavah, and to pray that parents would choose life and adoption when there is a choice to make. A young junior high girl in the front row prayed so sincerely that the kids remained hushed. Several of them came up to me afterward and wanted to tell me something about their lives, or an adopted sibling. I found that the message was one this generation is longing to hear. Everyone needs to hear a reassuring message that their life has value and that God has a plan for their lives. God is proving to our family that there is abundant joy in adoption and acknowledging that life is a gift from Him.