Monday, August 09, 2010

This Is Exciting

Qavah is doing very well. We are so happy with her progress physically and spiritually. She had a blood test this morning that indicated the need for more Neupogen this week so I have to start giving her a shot later today. Tomorrow, I will be taking the girls to NIH. This is part business and part pleasure. I hope to take a lot of pictures. I will be having a serious discussion about a stem cell transplant for Qavah with a member of the bone marrow failure team who we met on our first visit.

Kathryn will be meeting other friends she has made from the HPS community and will hopefully be introduced to the team of researchers whose suggestions kept her alive the first few weeks after her diagnosis of HPS. It should be a very happy time for her and I am looking forward to it. I have my camera ready. We have a lot to do but, all that we need to accomplish will take place on Tuesday afternoon. However, we'll be staying in that area until Thursday afternoon.

We are looking forward to this week and hope that all of the joyful times unfold slowly. Qavah is so much more mature then she was a year ago and able to handle the talk of transplantation. However, during the initial discussion, Kathryn will be taking Qavah elsewhere and playing with her. I want her to have a carefree, two-day vacation this trip. I will be updating from our hotel and praying for so many of you back home.