Thursday, August 12, 2010

We'll Write More From Home

We've had a busy time here in Bethesda. Qavah had all of her childhood immunizations given to her over again because her tests showed no immunity to them. Her legs are sore today, but typical of most children in a hotel room, she has still been jumping on the beds. The heat in the city has kept us indoors, but we went exploring in the evening and discovered an underground super market. Kathryn was impressed as I explained that most major cities have underground shopping centers and malls. It was fun for her to see how people in the city live.

Kathryn, Candice, and Crystal have had a sweet time together. Some of the local members of the HPS group met for dinner last night and had a wonderful time. Kathryn has pictures and I will post them on a later post.

This morning, when we opened our blog we discovered several comments that were written with evil intent. When we return home we will have to report it and have the comments traced. Because of this recent event we will have to change the way we accept comments. From now on, all comments will have to be approved before they are published on the blog.

Qavah has been making up little songs as we are packing up our belongings. She is looking out the window right now singing, "My Daddy is going to be happy to see me today." We are ready for the safety and sweetness of home.