Monday, September 06, 2010

A New Grandson

Before Paul and I got into the car at 2:30 am I looked up.  The sky was filled with stars; layers and layers of them smiled down on us.  Other than the noise of the crickets, the neighborhood was completely silent.  The night had cooled down as it often does when we are approaching autumn.  We took Judy with us to meet the newest member of our family because she was leaving Virginia first thing this morning.  She didn't want to leave without welcoming her new great-nephew.  Before long we turned into Colin and Jennifer's driveway and saw that the midwives were still there.  Lights were on all around the house and it looked like all the late-night activity in the community was taking place in one home.  

Joel Samuel Campbell had arrived and at a robust 10lbs and 6ozs, he looked as though he had already been here for a couple of months.  He was alert and followed noises and light as though he was interested in taking in all the details around him.  We stayed long enough to admire his fingers and toes and leave a little kiss on his cheek.  As we drove home I thought, "How does one describe all of the wonderful emotions of holding a grandbaby?"  My heart was filled with peace.  It was a relief to see Jennifer looking so wonderful after such a long pregnancy and hard labor.

Congratulations to Colin and Jennifer. We admire their commitment to greet every child God has given them as a gift from Him.  They will have many exhausted days for awhile, but with the help of family and friends they will see the hand of God sustain them.  Praise Him for His mighty acts of goodness.